ReceptivaDxTM is a new and improved non-surgical test for endometrial receptivity that provides enhanced screening for ALL stages of endometriosis and other conditions that interfere with implantation. This is the first test for endometriosis with high sensitivity and specificity, especially useful in women with unexplained IVF failure or infertility.

Validation studies have found a high concordance between this test and the findings of endometriosis or hydrosalpinges. ReceptivaDxTM combines the known biomarker Beta-3 integrin, with a new biomarker, BCL6. The Beta-3 integrin is a glue-like protein necessary for implantation to take place. If your patient is missing the Beta-3 integrin, the fertilized egg may not attach properly to the uterine wall and as a result, the chance for a successful pregnancy is decreased.

The BCL6 biomarker is a gene repressor that is present in the setting of inflammation. BCL6 is dramatically over-expressed in women with endometriosis, making it a likely candidate for the cause of progesterone resistance that contributes to implantation problems. Progesterone is required for normal pregnancy, so a protein that interferes with progesterone action would explain much about the problems encountered in women with endometriosis. ReceptivaDxTM provides an enhanced screening opportunity in women with infertility and unidentified causes of implantation failure.

Dr Lessey

"ReceptivaDxTM provides an enhanced screening opportunity in women with unexplained infertility and unidentified causes of implantation failure."

Bruce Lessey, M.D.,Ph.D. Scientific Advisor CiceroDx, Inc.
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The ReceptivaDxTM Test was developed by CiceroDx in conjunction with Pathology Consultants, Inc. of Greenville, SC. Pathology Consultants, Inc. is a laboratory certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). As with other laboratory-developed tests, this testing service has not been cleared or approved by the US FDA or any other federal regulatory agencies. Data have not been submitted to or evaluated by Federal regulatory agencies and the test is not for sale as an In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) in the US or the EU.
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